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Starting A Company In A Year Of Uncertainty

As we all know, 2021 was a crazy year filled with the unimaginable.  While places everywhere had began shutting down due to the pandemic and nobody was sure what to do, Cam and Kyle did what few people thought.  Start a company.

While they both worked full time jobs, they saw this as a golden opportunity with having the ability to work from their homes and not have to be in an office.  This gave them the flexibility they needed to get Ironpulse up and running.  When they had started, they were completely unsure of what would lie ahead.  They knew one thing, once they started, they weren't going to give up on the vision they had.  

After hundreds of emails sent, phone calls with people around the world, and mistakes that were made, they finally found a group of people to work with and they hit the ground running.  Designing, sampling, creating podcasts, and learning how to create a startup company from scratch became their side hustle.  They had a very optimistic timeline of launching this brand in February of 2021, not fully knowing the complexities that came with creating custom apparel.  

Starting a company from nothing, during the peak of a pandemic, shows that no matter your circumstance you have the ability to do what you may have always dreamt of doing.  Just because the world may have come to a complete stop, doesn't mean you need to stop chasing your dreams.

We hope this inspires you to start taking action on building the future you want.