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Ironpulse Changes the Game

Ironpulse Announces the Launch of Its Clothing Line to Invest Back in You. Literally. 

Ironpulse is becoming the go-to brand for entrepreneurs by pioneering the newest category in the apparel industry, Visionwear


Denver, Colorado / May 29, 2021 - Today Ironpulse announces the launch of its new clothing line to invest back in you. Literally. Ironpulse was built different from the start by pioneering a new category, Visionwear. It is no secret that a lack of capital is one of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs face. To address this issue, Visionwear was created to help assist other entrepreneurs in reaching their goals. Other than entering the Vault through Ironpulse’s loyalty program, you will not find another apparel company that is willing to invest back into you with their own funds.  

When an Ironpulse customer places an order, they start collecting points. Once the customer has accumulated some points, they fill out a brief form telling Ironpulse about their company or start-up. Ironpulse then converts those points to digital cash via PayPal or Venmo, matches it 1:1 and sends it to the customer’s business. Ironpulse also gives the customer the option to allow their story/business to be shared on the Ironpulse Podcast, which in turn gives the customer free marketing.

“I know to some; it may not seem like a lot. However, to the small business owners grinding non-stop, $10 will pay for two months of Microsoft Office for you. It also makes you put action behind your words by holding you accountable to progress with your business,” said Cameron Smith, Co-founder. 

The past year has brought a lot of uncertainty for people. However, it has also helped a lot of people find their true passion and discover what they were really meant to do. With their backs against the wall, entrepreneurs were being born. 

Ironpulse was designed to create a community that gives inspiration and support to others who have a vision but may need help with the first step. With a mission aimed at helping people thrive outside their comfort zone and defining who they were meant to be, Ironpulse takes action to show people that anything is possible with persistence, consistency, patience, and effort. 

“Our company was built on taking action. Visionwear was established to help push other people to put action behind their dreams and live the life they want to live, with the support of Ironpulse along the way,” said Kyle Nymberg, Co-founder.  


Ironpulse supports self-starters who are willing to go out and surpass their goals. Established for those who know no complacency, their apparel aides in fostering innovation while allowing you to conquer in comfort. Ironpulse’s ambition is to be the go-to brand for anyone willing to wake up and make their dreams happen. Through their loyalty program, they stand behind what they believe in, investing in and inspiring other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. They understand the road to success is not a straight one, but the continuation of striving to better yourself and those around you should be a never-ending journey.