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How To Stick Your New Years Resolutions

That's right, it's that time of the year again.  At this point you probably made a New Year's resolution to start the year of 2022 on the right foot.  We applaud you! We hope that you made a resolution that benefits you in the long run.  While some people might be crushing their new goals and aspirations, there are also some that might feel lost or insecure about their new objectives.  It is important to always remain focused on your goal, and these tips below should help get you back on track if you happen to have fallen off.


1. Step Back, Analyze

If you find yourself not living up to the standards or objectives that you set for yourself and are getting discouraged it's important to take a step back.  Often times people set up unrealistic resolutions.  For example, if you're someone who hasn't been to the gym for a few years or months, and you make it your goal to go to the gym every single day, you're almost setting yourself up for failure.  While some people may be able to hold onto this type of drastic lifestyle change, the majority of us won't.  Rather than shooting for an everyday at the gym type of change, maybe start with going at least two to three times a week for a month.  Once you get that routine down add another day.  It's important to challenge yourself but also hold a realistic expectation as well.  

2. Be Consistent

Like most things in life, if you want them to come to fruition you must be consistent.  Consistency is what will establish habits.  Once habits are formed, it will make sticking to your resolution much more attainable.  Some things you can do to have better consistency include writing down your dreams or aspirations and putting it in a spot you see each day.  Reminding yourself of the end goal on a daily basis will help you on those days that you might feel unmotivated. You should also continue to remind yourself why you started in the first place.  Let that be the catalyst for the actions you take in looking to achieve your goals.

3. Have Accountability

Being able to hold yourself accountable will be very important.  Having an optimistic outlook is important to help keep your mind positive and agile as you begin to make the necessary adjustments to your daily life. You should track your progress as well, often times if you look back on where you started it will help fuel you to continue moving forward.  Ensure that you have a plan written down that has some short-term goals, accomplishments, and potentially some journal entries.  It may not seem like much in the moment but being able to describe how you're feeling in that moment and track your accomplishments will be beneficial to holding yourself accountable.  You can also look to a good friend or family member, share your goals with them and have them help keep you on track.


Overall, there are many reasons as to why people may start a New Year's resolution and also just as many reasons why they do not last.  Don't be that person that starts a resolution and goes to give up on it a few months into the year.  We hope that you found value in this article and are able to achieve the goals and dreams that you may have!