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Top Five Content Creation Apps For Entrepreneurs

When starting a company it's important to have your social media and website images look professional.  While you might not be the best photographer or videographer, there are tons of applications that can help enhance your profile.  At Ironpulse, we use a variety of tools to make our shots and videos look proficient.  We included an infographic below that showcases some of the main software we use on a daily basis.


Canva is an excellent tool that allows you to drag and drop images or text anywhere you want to. Think of it as an easier version of Photoshop. This application is a great way to start if you are new to editing photos or videos. Extremely user friendly as well as tons of free templates to use.
Premiere Pro
Once you have a better understanding of how to edit videos in Canva and you want to enhance your skills, we recommend using Premier Pro from Adobe Suite. There are endless ways to improve your skillset by including transitions and other effects. With Premier Pro and YouTube tutorials, you can really take your work to the next level.
Photoshop allows you to restore the quality of older images as well as helps with graphic design. At Ironpulse, we used Photoshop to mock up images of what we wanted our website to look like. It allowed us to put our ideas on paper and hand a very detailed view of the website over to our design team.
Once you have mastered the art of photography, you can then bring your images to Lightroom to highlight certain aspects. Lightroom is different than Photoshop because you don't need to worry about saving anything. All your edits are saved automatically within the app. Lightroom has great workflow and allows you to organize your photos easily.
If you're on the go and don't have access to a desktop or laptop, InShot might be the tool for you. This mobile app allows you to edit and crop videos on the go. With varying payment options you can choose how much you want to invest into editing on your mobile device. With this app, you can clip videos together, create collages, and edit photos.



We hope that these apps listed above are helpful with creating content for your brand.  At Ironpulse, we use these ones quite often as they help us create eye grabbing videos and images that we use for marketing.  Give these applications a shot and let us know if you found them helpful by connecting with us on social media!