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NVISION Nation Community Discord

We are excited to announce our official Discord community, NVISION Nation!  


With the creation of this Discord server, we aim to provide a place of well-being, mental relaxation, as well as a safe space for entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals to network and collaborate. As we have started our entrepreneurial journey, although there are two of us, it sometimes feels as though it’s us against the world. We have many successes but sometimes it’s hard to not think about the negatives, or the things that didn’t work out like we expected. While there are amazing learning benefits to be taught and absorbed through failures, it begins to take a hit on your mental wellbeing. Only after we discuss these challenges with other like-minded individuals do we begin to feel back at peace and ready to keep things rolling in the right direction. So we thought creating a forum that was designed to address these issues would be a huge value added to anyone that feels the same way.  

Sometimes everyone just needs to discuss challenges with others that are in the same position as them. We genuinely believe this is the best community forum for all entrepreneurs alike.  

Let’s breakdown what’s in this Discord server, shall we?  

To begin we have a Welcome page, this is where everyone who joins the discord is able to greet new members and get to know one another.  As you enter the welcome page, we encourage you to share a quick paragraph about yourself! You can include things such as your name, the business you have or that you’re looking to start, as well as what you’re most excited about joining NVISION Nation.  

We also have an “about the server” and an FAQ tab for individuals to learn about the community and have access to some of the most popular questions that get asked. The “Free Resources” tab is where entrepreneurs within the community post articles, links, or even podcast episodes that maybe provided a lot of value to their current situation. As we all know, even though many of us may be in different businesses, we can always learn from one another. The Job Board is also a great place for individuals to seek help finding models for their brands, videographers for their campaigns, or even some part time assistance with other brands. The “General Discussion” area is a spot for everyone in the community to discuss current events, business ideas, or talk about their gameplans for the week. This is our favorite spot for individuals to collaborate and get to know each other.  

Vision Boards are also a great exercise for entrepreneurs to conduct. It helps you put your future goals and achievements on a page that can constantly remind you of why you’re working so hard in the current state. We have a page for the community to post their vision boards and motivate one another to continue moving forward, closer to their goals. We also included a forum for you all to celebrate the milestones you achieve. We know that it sometimes seems like a mountain to climb to get from start to finish, but celebrating your small victories is key to staying true to your vision. Here, you can share those celebrations and get recognition from individuals within the community. There is also a self-promotion tab for you all to promote your businesses or launches of products. This was created so that we can all support one another and help the community win as a whole!  

Then we have the Wellness forum. This was designed to provide a safe space area for everyone within the community. Mental health is just as, if not more important than your physical health. We created many different AI users to provide helpful resources to help ease your mind and stay focused. As mentioned above, although the entrepreneurship road may be difficult and hard at times, it’s crucial to give your mind a break and try some of the relaxation techniques that are found within this forum. There is also a travel section where you can share some of the awesome places you’ve traveled to or places that you wish to travel. Community members can provide recommendations on where they went or even highlight key places to visit. The Music section is also great for sharing songs or albums that help you with work or relaxation when you have a lot of things on your mind. Then we have the Quotes forum where you can either paste some meaningful quotes on your own or have one of our AI generated users send a motivational quote for you to read.  


Overall, we are extremely excited to kick off this Discord community. To us, this is something that would have provided so much value when we were just getting started with Ironpulse and we hope that you all take advantage of this amazing community we’re creating. Remember that no matter what you’re doing, you must believe in yourself, challenge your limits, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Let’s all come together in NVISION Nation and succeed with one another!