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When Should Your Small Business Hire Help?

Well, if you're reading this article, it may be time for you to hire some assistants for your small business.  we would assume you're probably stressed out, wearing 10 or more different hats just trying to make it work, and maybe even feel like your business has reached a stalemate.  It's no secret that small businesses main constraint is funding.  Often times they don't have the resources to hire top notch consulting firms or even use a marketing agency, but have no fear, there are so many other resources that you can use to help bring your small business out of the dust and into the light when you feel that you can't do it yourself.  here is a great resource and some helpful tips for hiring your first outsourced team member. 

The first tip that we have is to use a freelancing software such as Upwork.  Upwork is an amazing tool because you can create a free account and post jobs with hourly or project total budgets and freelancers who think they may be able to help will apply for your job posting.  Once a job is posted, you can generally expect anywhere from 10-15 applicants after about a day.  From here, you can review each applicant and see things like the amount of money they've earned through Upwork, the number of jobs that they're currently working on, as well as reviews that are both positive and negative from clients that they have worked with. 

Our best piece of advice when using this software is to interview AS MANY people as you possibly can.  This allows you to sort of weed out the applicants that may just want your money.  To give you an example, we interviewed many people on Upwork for marketing ads, not knowing the importance of growing a social media following.  After talking with some individuals, they would say they could do paid ads for us if we gave them the money to do so.  Others gave a much more helpful response, they were brutally honest and said even if they did paid ads for our company, it's essentially worthless since we don't have a large social media following.  We quickly shifted our focus from doing paid ads to seeing who we can hire to help us with our social media growth.

All in all, it's important to first understand that you may need assistance and you can't do everything yourself.  That is step number one.  The next step is to use the internet and find out what type of person or people for that matter that would provide the most help to your business at this point and time.  Once you have that narrowed down, begin interviewing at least 15-20 people for the job.  This will give you a great indication of what you may want to look for in an applicant.  We hope that this article provided information that you can use for your own situations and overall help build your company to reach new heights.  Feel free to follow us on social media such as Instagram @officialironpulse and let us know what you may be struggling with, and we can try to help point you in the right direction based on our experience.