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The Custom Clothing Design Process

Many people may have the vision to create their own clothing brand or custom clothing, but not many know where to start or the key components involved.  The goal of this article is to provide you the four main events you'll encounter when creating custom apparel. 


1. Concepts

Communicate Your Vision

  • During the initial stage, it's important to gather concept images from clothing that you like. Once you have four to five examples that display the exact idea you are looking for you are ready to begin the design process. Your team will then begin making sketches for your approval.

2. 3D Renders

Bring Your Vision To Life

  • With 3D renders, the design team will take the sketches that you have approved and create a mock image. This allows you to get a sneak peak at what it will look like in the sampling process. One trick is to make eye grabbing images with the 3D renders for your social media posts.

3. Tech Packs

The Blueprint

  • The tech pack is the final stage of the design process. We have discussed the importance of this stage because it has all the measurements the factory will need to make your clothing. A tech pack can cost anywhere between $300-$500 per garment but will cover everything you need.

4. Sampling

Building Supplier Relationships

  • With sampling, it really comes down to trial and error. At Ironpulse, we have sampled with great companies whereas others have been horrible. This is where you get to decide which supplier meets your needs as a business. Find one that has good communication and that can follow instructions.


Remember to be diligent and precise when communicating what you want your designs to look like.  Creating tech packs and designs can become expensive so it's important to nail your designs the first time! If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us on social media @officialironpulse on Facebook or Instagram.