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The Ironpulse Podcast

The Ironpulse Podcast was created to allow people to get some behind the scenes updates. It also allows Cam and Kyle to educate on some mistakes they have made and how their listeners can learn from them to make better decisions in the future.  Over the course of the company's startup, the podcast became a focal point of the vision.  Cam and Kyle created four different segments, each designed with a purpose to either entertain, educate, or inform.  The podcast can be found on the following platforms:

- Apple Podcasts

- Spotify

-Google Podcasts

- Amazon Music



TuneIn Alexa

- iHeart Radio


- Listen Notes


The segments include,

Provides our listeners real life examples of people who have created their own story by Believing in themselves, Challenging their limits, and Inspiring others to do the same.
Fitness and Nutrition:
This segment looks to explain health, fitness and nutrition information to aid you in reaching your fitness aspirations. We have episodes that cover things such as gym etiquette and how to optimize your gym recovery.
Forging The Brand:
Forging the brand talks about starting a business from scratch and what you can expect. We discuss a lot of lessons we have learned since we began this journey. It's just the beginning.
Tipsy Talk:
This segment was created for you to kick back and have a drink with the hosts as they raise a glass to the accomplishments and hard work that lies ahead.