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Proper Gym Etiquette

We've all gone to the gym with a set routine in mind only to find out that the dumbbells you were about to use are halfway across the gym.  That's right, the people who have no etiquette in the gym.  These people stick out like a sore thumb and can make the gym be a confusing mess.  

In this article, we are going to go over some ways you can practice good gym etiquette to ensure that you don't get put on anyone's naughty list. 

1. Put Everything Back After Use

Nobody is ever too important, or too big to put their equipment back.  If you don't own the gym, you should always put things back to their respective place that you found them.  It's something that will keep the gym looking nice and keep people's workouts efficient.

2. Don't Sit And Wait On Equipment

Everyone knows that one person that is always using the machine or piece of equipment that they aren't even next to.  It's okay to do super sets, or change the song on your phone, however don't let it be more than a typical rest period.  Be courteous to others and be efficient with your workout! 

3. Wipe Down Your Equipment

If you're someone that sweats a lot during your workouts just make sure to wipe things down after you're done.  Being respectful of others and making sure that the station you were using is the same got it once you're done.  Especially in todays day and age, it's just best to clean things off when you're done using them.

4. Don't Exercise Directly Infront Of Mirror

It makes it hard for people grab dumbbells or things along the racks underneath the mirror when there are people doing exercises right next to it.  Its okay to take a few steps back and still check your form.  You don't need to be right next to the mirror the whole time. 

5. Don't Slam Your Weights

There is really hardly ever a time that slamming weights is acceptable in the weight room.  If it's a max rep or a higher weight then it's okay to drop them however if it's a weight that you're getting five or more reps on just bring them back down gently.  We can attest that no matter how hard you throw your weight after the set, those 20lb dumbbells don't look any heavier than they are.


Overall, we hope that this article adds value to those of you looking to be respectful and have good etiquette in the gym. It's important to be mindful of others while still staying focused on yourself and the goals that you have in-front of you.  A good balance of both will help you progress and also make some good friends along the way!