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Networking Best Practices

Often times, people forget about the importance of networking. This is an important skill that can get you far in your professional life as well as open opportunities for you down the road. Although there are a lot of positives to networking, some people aren't sure how to go about it and might be afraid to do so.


1. Referrals 

  • One great way to network is to meet people through someone that you know. Being introduced to someone can help make things less awkward to start and also gives you a great starting point of discussion.

2. Social Media 

  • Someone that is able to leverage social media to their advantage will help with networking, especially in this day and age with Covid. Apps such as LinkedIn are great resources for finding people to network with. You can opt to meet them for a virtual coffee over Skype or a quick phone call.

3. Don't Ask For A Job

  • Networking might not and should not always lead to a job opportunity. Think of it as a way to build a professional relationship so that when a job opportunity arises, you have the potential to be referred.

4. Resume

  • You can use your resume as a tool to get advice. You might want to ask someone at a higher position to review your resume to give you some tips and tricks. If they accept, they will not only just review you but you also put yourself and your accolades in front of them.

5. Success Story

  • Once you find a common topic you might be discussing, try to throw in a success story. This will keep the conversation going and will also help the person you are networking with remember you in the future.

6. Follow Up

  • It's always good to find a reason to follow up with the person after you talk with them. Maybe grab their email or phone number after your conversation and send them a message thanking them for taking time to speak with you. A nice follow up message can really go a long way.


Remember that at the end of the day, networking might not always immediately lead to a new job or opportunity. The main goal of networking is for you to build good relationships and a strong network of people that you can reach out to for assistance. It's extremely important to network, while doing it the correct way. If done effectively, you will reap the benefits of having strong connections.